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Mankind delusional association of pristineness on begining of each January cycle remains a cherished heritage that betray his discernment of what actuality is. The same increasing shit remains foul in our earthly realm each cycle.

As before, I shall not abstract any celebratory desideratum and refrain from prefunctory greetings of associating happiness to the cycle. Time does not exist in heaven neither do happiness on earth.

Feroz Bessir
31 Dec 2022

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Life is a fair game

Life is a fair game as there is no divine intervention in the pursuit of success and happiness. Everything is a miracle as all things are God permitted. 

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Everything is Within

I take this moment to pen down my thoughts of 2019. It was an epochal time of poignant exploration where I inferred Me through an extraordinary someone. Me never advance himself and had lingered within my existence. I knew of Me but never accosted or apprehended him.  Me was eternally ardor, amiable and authentic that I disparaged his nativity as inane.  
Me never once retaliate and was so steadfastly overwhelming that I became oblivious
 of his presence in time. That is until a time,  exclusive one came and evoked Me to consciousness. Then Me spoke to I. 

Feroz Bessir
31 December 2019

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Choose Wisely

Many follow the words of men as the source of guidance to what is deemed a lifestyle of happiness. We often hear cries of self love,  love yourself before you can love others, me myself and I.... and many more. Whilst there are some paths to self attainment and self satisfaction, happiness can never encompasses anyone completely.  The path of self service to one self is a road to the obscurity of the feelings and existence of others. The man made prescription to temporal happiness can only serve the Master of Ego.  

Those who seek natural Love,  divinely inherited in the depths of their hearts are disinterested in their self love.  For they seek the Love of their Creator in representing divine love in their lifetime, al-’eethar


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Life will break you to pieces

The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry.

Ernest Hemingway


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I am Awareness

Strength do not reside in the physical body without a strong self or awareness. Mountains cannot be removed by physical strength rather the strong desire of humanity to seek a way of removing mountains or whatever obstacles that comes our way. It is in the strength of the desire that provides success or failure to the human endeavours of past, present and future. There is no fate of failure rather fraility of desiring that leads to the absence of that the human manifest in his mind. There is no divine intervention. What you desire and how much you desire  of  that which you desire will determine your reality. The obstructions of  self limiting beliefs and constructive restrictions that reside in “morality” may prove the roadblocks to the fruition of the desired reality. The ones that are not shackle by these considerations often make gold of whatever they touch. They ones that hold to these considerations are often found wanting and not receiving. If one desire some outcome so feverently than one will not rest until that which is desired is no more a manifestation but a reality. It is how the laws of the world works.  What awaits after this world and whether that which one has achieved in this world by all necessary means  will have repercussions in that which has yet to be realised is another proposition altogether.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

10 Year Challenge


It may seem harsh to pass such a conclusion on indulgence of people on our social media community today.  

Perhaps it is.

Perhaps it needs to be.

The automatism that lies in the exercise of such a deployment of time and the disregard of the individual’s own privacy in adhering to the excitement of participation in a seemingly harmless exercise render a disturbing reality of herd mentality, that may promise a catastrophic prospect in these uncertain times where the concerns over the revival of fascism are real.  The exercise is a subtle reimposition of the herd mindset. The seemingly innocuous indulgences process and underpin the dynamism of such a mentality through regularly exposure. It is easier to control the minds of millions to action when they have been processed to response in a manner they are conditioned to. 

Perhaps there is an absence of sinisterism in the formation of such exercises in our social media community and element of overthinking has transpired in this reading.

Perhaps not.

Feroz Bessir


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Take A Chance

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Someone wins a lottery every week and everywhere. That somebody was at the right time and right place when purchasing a lottery ticket, even choosing the correct combination of numbers or letting the computer generate the winning combination. That person’s contribution to the outcome was that he or she decided to buy a lottery ticket, decided to buy that particular ticket (different systems, different lotteries)  and that particular combination of numbers or if computer generated combination at that partucular outlet at that precise date, day and time. These lottery winners may not have anticipated that their decisions would factor perfectly as the real outcome of the draw. In short, it was a coincidence or a chance among the massive probabilities of numbers combined that could have been drawn as the winning ticket or tickets. The majority of us will see the winners as lucky and some as blessed. In reality, everything in life are just probabilities of an outcome being real among all other probabilities. Life is a game of chance. There are no miracles and luck is a matter of coincidence or coincidences. 

The point is one must take a chance in life for anything to realise. No matter how well one plans and acts on an outcome to be realised, there are always a certain chance or chances that the outcome may not materialise. One should not end up paralysis by inaction because of the fear that failure may consequent one’s plan and effort. The chance of winning a lottery of a combination of six numbers out of possible 49 numbers is smaller than a chance of getting hit by lightning. If the winners of that lottery system refuse to believe that they can win, they will not have taken such massive improbability and the probability of winning passes on to the next person who takes a chance at buying that probability, no matter how remote it promises to be. The point is, whatever dreams or plans you may have, can only materialise if you take a chance. Dont overthink or worry too much...just take the chance and believe in yourself, your ability, your plans and your efforts in realising an outcome or outcomes that you desire. Life is full of probabilities that are waiting to happen.

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Monday, November 19, 2018


Each stanza breathes the creative testament of the poet's longing to ink his or her emotive discourse, if one has not such longing ever than one has not lived in a solitude of sadness...
                   Feroz Bessir

This quote evolved through an exchange of commentary on Edgar Allan Poe's A Dream Within A Dream.

Poetry is today a leisure of the mind to create through instantaneous flow of words inspired by the inner thoughts or constructed by the poet's expertise and command of the form and mechanics of self expression. 

The deceptive simplicity that lies in Robert Frost's Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening is my personal favorite that underline the poet's craft in constricting seemingly obvious obscure by the last stanza usage of a possible metonymy in word "sleep" It is simple to read and enjoy but have enticed readers to plunge deeper into what Frost may have meant, from a person caught between the allure of nature and civilization which he has to return to, to the person caught up with the hypnotic contemplation of suicide as represented by the woods and to the unlikely proposition of person being Santa Claus stopping by the woods.

Milton's Paradise Lost, an epic expression of the poet's creative adaptation of the biblical tale of the fall of man is what great poets of past had adhered to, the production of works that were imprinted throughout history. Milton's reputation as the one that gave life to the devil in print testified to this. 

Shakespeare's Sonnets had earlier demonstrated possibly an autobiographical expression of the poet's self emotive tale of love and relations with two different subjects, a younger male nobility and a dark lady. The testament of a poet's emotional experience that remains a major and historical work throughout. 

Khalil Gibran ‘The Prophet’ has twenty-six different subjects discussed by Prophet Almustafa’s and group of people. It is testament of his poetic brilliance that despite being shunned by the Western commentators, he was to their youth an idol and has sold two millions copies of the Prophet. 

It is most unfortunate that poetry lies only in the hearts of those who render their sentiment  aesthetically, consciously or otherwise, evidenced a testament of being alive rather than acquiesce. In an uninspiring actuality manufactured by the strings of governance intent on replicating a populace myopic of consciousness and void of Raison d'ĂȘtre, that we find poets diminished and undistinguished, and poetry unprofitable. It is the invocation of the inner Self that give rise to the poetic words and expression that lies potent in everyone and brings the individual closer to their Self that yearns to find meaning and purpose of their being. The more they look inwards and invoke their Self, the closer they get to relishing their true consciousness and the further they are from the constructive labels and truths that have drowned them away from their Self.

The command of the form and mechanics of poems are mankind's obsession for restrictive and structured definition of reality, yet the inner Self transcends these concrete requirements to inspire poets to overcome and master them and give birth to creative and profound poems.

Poetry is an emotive discourse arise from within and constant indulgence transcends one towards one's natural potent to recognize one's inner Self that proceeds to the pursuit for comprehension and realization of one's being. Everyone should penned a poem at every experience that evolves a desire to channel out one's self emotive expression while edging one closer to the inner Self that is awaiting to be discovered and recognized.

Sunday, June 3, 2018


The snake will die if its head is chopped off. So will evil if the feeders are abolished. Evil feeds on hatred and divisions in humankind that reside in labels that are constructed and ingrained in each of us upon our births.

Citizenry, religion, race, ethnicity, social class, sports following and what not are all divisional mechanisms that serves the purposes of the propagators and the elites. These propagators in puritanical robes or business suits or party uniforms are only individuals who self-prescribed truth serves only to reinforcement of their pursuits of profit and power in their societies.

Fear is the lack of belief in the power of the Creator that humankind is holding to the detriment of mankind. It is Fear that that  gives birth to and exacerbate these constructed divisions. If belief and faith are impregnable, no fear mongering of any sort can bring mankind to the acceptance of hate and violence upon another group of "us".

So, belief in the potential of goodness and the rejection of hate is the beginning of diminishing the evil powers that resides in the world today. Do not let the snake and its fear mongering into your existence.

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Hope is a four letter word that represents the very force of life.  Hope is independent of any rationale or equation. Hope requires desire and belief that do not need to be comprehended nor measured. All that are necessary are desire and belief that the very imagined outcome will come to pass.

Humanity has the very forceful ability, that hides from the realization of the Self, to wish for an outcome. It is the ability to manufacture an idea into reality that remains the most greatest gift of mankind. In short, there are few restrictive realities that govern mankind except which their mind purports. The mind is often a foe and rarely a friend to those who cannot fathom the incredible power of Hope. Those who trust in Hope have faith in his or her ability to foresee a purposeful outcome, an outcome desired and pursued.

Thursday, March 8, 2018


What a piece of work is man, How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty, In form and moving how express and admirable, In action how like an Angel, In apprehension how like a god, The beauty of the world, The paragon of animals. And yet to me, what is this quintessence of dust?

Act II Scene II The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

The representation that captures the world of some "divine" men today, so deafening in advocate, so fervid in intention and so vile in action. 

Those who purport their existence among the realms of heavenly bestow are often so blessed with imprecation from hell.  

Celestial preachers  descended from the wombs of loving mothers like any others,  with fomenting oratory and robe of puritanical guise,  demand a divine impeachable reverence and adherence from their devotees. 

"Divine men" who resort to the demonisation of Other men, in the pursuit of power and sustenance of their own selves and their ideological  truth. 

"Divine men" who are left unchecked by their destructive devotion of righteousness and their  extremist egoistical soul will harm and degenerate the  innate goodness of the self of all men and women. 

"Divine men" who are unperturbed and defiant bears no guilt in the bloody deed of their righteousness and relish in the theocracy of their people.

It is ironical truth that mankind left unshackle by morality will drown himself in the anarchical sea of unrestricted sins yet his morality untended will drown his humaneness in the restless  sea of deranged devotions.


Friday, March 2, 2018

Losing Weight Without Sweating

I was very reluctant to write about my weight loss in my blogs for the reason that it is a personal journey that I had taken despite many who are close to me suggesting it.  I do not want to come across as a egotist and narcissist. I do not find pleasure in  anyone's  approval or admiration. I believe I am a self-actualized individual and I embrace my journey and rarely rejoice my achievements.  I  also realized that I am not alone in this achievement.  There are many people who have found the way to lose weight without much clamor.

It was put to me that I should nonetheless write about my weight loss as it may be a benefaction to those who have yet to unearth a way out.  I concur as I had suffered the obscurity from the formulation of losing weight, often misled by the entrenched perspective of exercise and calories in calories out postulation.  

It was to me the cardinal truth. I lost 20 kilograms in the past through the gym-going culture for six months, from weighing 124kg to 104kg.  It was the only time in my life that I visited the gym. The only other time I had shredded my  weight before this was during my basic military training where I lost 10 kilograms through regimented daily activities. I was of the belief that weight loss was only achievable through exercise.

It seems impossible to me at 119kilogrammes that I could lose weight again.  It was not easy to bring myself to the regimented routine of exercising when you reached the belief that your good and fit days maybe over. 

The thing about putting on weight is your mind becomes more awkward than your body is. This is what I learned, the seed to weight loss lies in the mind of the person desiring it. In my humble experience, to have a healthy physic you must have a fit mind.  A mind that is lacking in focus and purpose will render the self negative. A negative self is incapable of believing in triumphs.

Life will present breaks for what our heart desires periodically. The trouble is we often failed to notice these breaks that comes our way. A negative self will make it even harder to discern these subtle chances.  It becomes arduous  when it presents itself in the aftermath of a misfortune. 

"Opportunity often comes disguised in the form misfortune or temporary defeat"  Napolean Hill

It was in the aftermath of losing someone that I noticed I had lost 3 kilograms.  I was not aware that my weight was going down until I dropped a size down.  I pondered on the circumstance that may have led to this weight loss. I did not exercise. I did not diet.  I did not eat.  It dawned upon me like a lightning bolt, that was the secret to losing weight for me.  I had not eaten the way I used to, at least not at the number of times I had eaten in a day.  

My mind swiftly went into survival mode and wanted to persist in losing weight.  There was a purpose and focus this time.  I probed for solutions only to discover that what I ate and how many times I ate in a day determine my weight loss.   In short, I unearthed ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting without even knowing it.

I would pause here and say that my weight loss though alike and comparable to many people, who had lost weight through ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting, is still uniquely mine.   Though we are the same, separately each person has his or her own physicality and ailments. It is imperative for one's to do his or her own research of weight loss and arrangement.

There were many a times in the past that gym instructors and fitness gurus had sown the faith that their exercise regime were efficacious methods to losing weight. I agree that exercise will result in some weight loss as I had experienced before. However, it is implausible for anyone above 110kg to be able to do the recommended regime  consistent for lean and fit individuals, and if so without hurting him or herself.   This is the dilemma facing many obese individuals. 

The way to weight loss, in my perspective was unlikely through these gym instructors and fitness gurus. It 's a costly investment.

The second thing I appreciated was that of scientific substance behind a weight loss method. It proved a facile commitment to adopt changes to my dietary habits once the science  was convincing. I do not muse on scant testimonies of people without any scientific backing. There are many old wives tales on weight loss on the internet while squandering time on them, they may also harm our health. I reviewed the weight loss literature of those health experts with medical credentials. 

It was while researching on weight loss that I happened upon Dr. Jason Fung, a Canadian nephrologist. and world-leading expert on intermittent fasting and low carbohydrate high fat diet. Dr Fung was an advocate of therapeutic fasting for weight loss and reversal of type 2 diabetes. I read and examined his prognosis in  his book Obesity Code, watched his videos on YouTube and saw in his work the science of weight loss elucidated.  I had found the forthright process to losing weight. 

I embraced a lifestyle change in my dietary habits. I became fat adapted and fasted 14 to 16 hours initially before progressing to 18 to 24 hours daily.  I banished sugar, rice, grains from my diet. As I witnessed my self transformed to a leaner me, I discerned an increase of willpower and determination.  I reduced my fat consumption thereafter since my body was used to lesser food. Finally, I did a 48 hours fast that proved my mind was winning the war against my body.  

I would add that before stumbling on intermittent fasting I had knew about low carbohydrate high fat diet through Jimmy Moore and Dr. Eric Westman's Keto Clarity.  It restricts  the consumption of customized carbohydrate to only 20 gram a day with protein in moderation  and an increase food based fats.

It is a year since I adopted a lifestyle change.  There was no exercise or weight loss supplements. I just ate more fats, more vegetables and protein.  I ate once or twice a day giving my body  16 to 24 hours of rest from eating.

I will end here.   

Foremost, the mind needs to be fit and focus.  A mind that is uncoordinated and distracted can never be focused on the work at hand. 

The temptations to give in and start again will be constant and the distraction of events or occasions that will deviate you away from your dietary  discipline will be enormous. It is best to bear in your mind that every cheat day or temporal respite will bring further away from your goal. You will not want to be in a situation where you are in a one step up and two step down cycle. 

It was only after I lost 30 kilograms that I gave myself some appeasement in my dietary habits. Today I am on 16 to 18 hours fast everyday and I have yet to eat rice or any grains and sugar is off my list altogether. 

There will be detractors from within your circle of people who will put you down because of their ignorance. Forgive them but carry on your battle and not theirs.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill

You must be convince that the method will bear results for you.  If there is no belief there will be no conviction, if any it will be frail.

You must be convinced that your method works and then commit yourself to the process relentlessly. My belief that the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting was the key to losing weight helped me achieved success. It is not enough to desire to lose weight, there must be a belief that you can do it.

Finally, exercise is also important to being healthy. It should be included in our daily lives.  It will be tragic that one loses weight but is unfit or unhealthy. I did not want to include exercise into my dietary regime as I wanted to prove losing weight does not require exercise but being healthy and fit do. 

Disclaimer: This write up is not to give advice about how to lose weight. It is a personal reflection. Do not start any diet without seeking professional medical advise.

Do not rely on what is written here as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or any professional healthcare practitioner. 

This is write is in no way advising anyone not to exercise.  Exercise is important to everyone. 



Monday, February 26, 2018


I spend most of my time sitting at cafe having my black sugarless coffee watching people and trying make sense of my thoughts. There are always something new in old surroundings. Something that the eyes missed on each visit. Something new that bound to happen if the self is mindful of the environment. It is similar reading a religious scripture always seeing something new on the same familiar texts. I can understand better why successful individuals are most competent practitioner of their skills. The best leaders have a great awareness of what is around them.  The awareness of existing environment and an understanding of what the presence reality is from what it may be apparently and what decisions and actions that necessitate it.

Bill Hicks used to asked his marketing and advertising audience to go "kill yourself" and see them as "Satan's little helpers".  If anyone ever wondered why he was so hard them have only to look at the presence commercial spending over the state of poverty that exist today between and within societies around the world.  Marketing and advertising professional render their creative juices to the creation of artificial needs to the masses and the abrasion of human appropriacy.  

The world in most aspects if not all are constructions and make belief.  The creation of fear and otherness is a fundamental in governance and war mongering as well as in the preservation of the clergy in most religions.  The mad rush and long queues for a newly launched Iphone or NIKE shoes bear the same feverish emotions of need as that of a religious incited mob over the fear of the others. It is this mindfulness of what is from what is apparent that makes the individual  human intelligent (and not necessarily academic scores.) When one succumbed to the falsity of truths to the extent of embracing anger in protecting it, one either profits from it extensively or one lacks the mindful appreciation of the presence environment.  The understanding that no one or one group hold a monopoly of the truth is a beginning of appreciating others or other truths. 

As  Foucault so aptly puts it there is nothing outside discourse. Discourses are constructed in most cases today to govern human thought and thus behavior.  It is an institutionalized way of thinking which predetermines what reasonable knowledge is. The acceptance of it creates a validation as real. Anything else that falls outside or challenges the epistemic reality will be construed as false. This is more apparent in religious and political truths than in other discourses.  It is always refreshing to revisit our "truths' and gives proper appreciation to other "falsities".
I enjoy sitting down while having my cup of coffee and pondering on what may be inconsequential questions to many.  The moment I lose sight of the many possibilities or truths out there, it maybe that I lost grip on my mindfulness. It may be that I am drowned in my future fears or shackled by my past experiences or in most cases both. It is all in my mind and the meanings I attribute to discourses that are out there. In times where I am troubled or disturbed, it always good to be mindful of the present and re-orientate  my mind to composure. 

We see the world through our own very eyes and yet we let ourselves drowned in the representations set and created by others and most of the time by our past experiences.  We accept the epistemic reality because we have been trained to think institutionally. This is why once immersed in the belief of a production of truth, not many can revive and bring back the neutral self.  It is not easy as we live through these beliefs for years in the transportation of these beliefs through our conditioning everyday in our societies and in our recollection of our experiences of the past. 
However, our experiences of past too can be overwhelmed by the production of truth that instill a potential fear. This was the case in the former states of Yugoslavia where good neighbors turn violently on another as a consequence of the discourses of the few leaders whose recognized that ethnic preservation and threat were the ingredients of a successful fear mongering and propaganda to control the masses and hold power.  The genocide of Bosnians remained a grimed reminder of what fearful minds can bring forth the desecration of humanity. While the Balkans remained a historic lesson, the world is still oblivious to the Israeli government continual usage of fear in finding support within and outside of its state in the occupation of the helpless Palestinians.  The states system provides for the awareness of its own territorial environment and the political discourse of citizenry ensures the continual practice of "Otherness" in our viewing of the world.  
It remains the initiative of the individual to be mindful of discourses that instill fear and threats to our thoughts.  The need to be mindful starts from the self and surrounding. It is so easily to be consumed by discourses of fear that border upon ethnic, cultural, religious and nationalistic sentiments. It is not that it is all bad. It is significant if not crucial that nationalistic discourses are employed to the betterment of the country and its citizens just like the others sentiments. It becomes dangerous when the self loses the sight of objectivity and when such discourses evolved a strong resentment to others who are not exclusive to our identity or beliefs.  The self has to be mindful of what these discourses may bring about. It is best to reorientate our minds to calmness or equilibrium.
Sometimes a cup of coffee  and a nice place to sit and ponder on our thoughts maybe the best way start making sense of our world.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Travel Book

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – attributed to Saint Augustine"

In my younger days, books provided me with the source of imagination. The literary world of characters and places from Chaucer, Shakespeare to Austen, Dickens, Blake and Elliot  excited my young mind to envisage a world away from my own. Indeed, a window to the world and that of the past.

People travel to escape their mundane life and see the world.  It is also to experience others way of life.  Like reading, it occupies our free time and give insights to a different world from ours. For instance, when we read a novel about royalty and aristocracy,  we start to imagine the characters and environment that is being told by the story teller. Likewise, when we see a castle,  we start to imagine how life is/was for them. It invites our mind to envisage their lives and attract our curiosity to discover (Google) more about that castle if it is novel to us.  It makes us a bit more knowledgeable and experience than one would normally be. 

It is often remarked that people travel the world to see the world. It is an excursion to know and learn of different cultures and lifestyle.  But what is more important , it brings us the realization that our reality is not the only truth that is existing. That different realities exist outside our own that can be better or worse. It provides a first hand experience and data that our  minds articulate into perspectives that we hold on to without intermediary influences. It revives our minds upon seeing and learning different realities and away from the normality of our very  own realities.  People often feel good on holidays not only because they do not need to work rather that their mind is "feeding" on,  if not newer, different information and routine that it habitually do. Holidays rejuvenates our minds and bring about excitement for us bar any adverse experiences.

Please check on page on Travel Book.

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Sunday, December 31, 2017


I begin this year with a post on my blog. I hope to be a consistent writer of my thoughts.  It is important to put our thoughts in record for the thought itself may lingers on for years but the emotion that resides with it may not be represented a later time. It does not matter where you keep your thoughts recorded, in a diary, in a book, in pieces of papers, in voice recorder in a blog, in vlog or anywhere else. The tone of your record will be indicative of your emotion at the time of your sharing for yourself or others.  This record will prove to be the past in your present and the future to look back at where your remembrance have forgotten. But how many of us do write? 

I think this year will markedly accentuate my return to the pen or the keyboard.  I have remembered that a thought left unrecorded will be unremembered in the chaotic mind that so often is given the pleasures of diversion with problems or joy that exceeds that given thought. I will not however say that i will be prolific with my recorded thoughts but I will record whatever my feelings dictate that my mind accepts worth to be recorded. Which brings me to 2018 and what will transpire and be worth recording remains to be seen or should I say to be lived.  

I will record thoughts that are relate-table generally and keep those much more complex over a cup of coffee with those who empathize my markedly mad mind. So it begins ....

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Monday, May 11, 2009

A Postmodern look on Freeze For Fun Event

I attended a Freeze For Fun Event organized by Moe Alkaff, an exceptional entertainer and a kind human being. It was for a charitable cause. Moe Alkaff made good on his word . He donated more than he promised to a charity. I was fortunate to be a part of the event. 

In the process of the event, I experienced and felt an emancipating understanding of the politics of identity.

I reached Raffles Place at 1220 hours. As I walked from the bus stop at Fullerton Square passed my old workplace HSBC Building, my thoughts explicitly speculated on the number of former colleagues I could have brought along had I been working there still. It would be fun and it be easier for me for familiarity of faces. I saw Moe and his gang in front of the old Change Alley looking all geared up to refrigerate the Raffles Place lunch time crowd.

I was undecided whether I should approached Moe to ask him what was going to happen. I was under the impression that the freeze would be unexpected and spontaneous, freezing at 1245 hours in the middle of things and approaching Moe after the deed was done. I thought that was the plan. So I went and sat near where the action was to start.

After a while it seems that my assumptions were wrong and I went to approach Moe. Moe was all bubbly and ready to go and he explained to me how the freeze was to be done. At this point, I realized that my well thought of a plan for a freeze pose, sitting down reading the newspaper would proved illegal in the Freezing fraternity. Moe suggested a few poses and I got on to it fast. However, I knew well that my troubling knees would not hold still for three minutes. My mind was racing fast as to what I needed to do, I could not spoil the event by being literally the jerk. Time was running out.

Moe gave me a reprieve when he suggested that we do freeze just outside the Old Change Alley area which is now known as Hitachi Tower. I positioned myself against one the pillars outside the building and took up newspaper to read. At 1245 hours, Moe gave the cue for the freeze………………………………………………………………............... my eyes roamed from side to side behind my dark sunglasses as I look in amazement at the statues that were all over the place. There was a babe who was about to do her lips red, a circle of two men and woman in silence prayer, a gal looking up into the heavens and a thirsty lady who was about to drink from her bottle of H2O . I could not see Moe as my back was towards him but my thoughts were in disbelieve as I remembered that the last thing he did before the freeze was to carry a chap on shoulders. Moe was doing an acrobatic freeze.

The amazement turned amusing as I watched with my hidden eyes the reaction of the unsuspecting crowd. Their faces were not frozen but their shocks were. They seemed to be at lost as to what was happening. In an instance, they became the “Others”. It then dawned upon me that while my eyes had only met these strange frozen faces on that day, at the point of the freeze, they were no more strangers to me as we shared an identity and a similarity. We became identified to the act of freezing and to Moe. We became “We” and we became “us” The natural reaction from public provided the platform of difference as they were moving and thus, they were not “we”. They became “They” and they were the “Others” This simple action of freezing had provided a subconscious formation of identity and formation of difference.

When Moe gave the cue for the end of the freeze, there were cheers all around. We had done the deed. Moe thanked all of us collectively and personally and we were handed out souvenirs for the event. As I walked away after the event like many others with a sense of accomplishment, we were walking back to our normality. The temporal identity was deconstructed once the act of freezing was undone. We were strangers again. We were no more different from the public than that we had been perceived to be nor from that we had perceived ourselves to be.

The whole exercise was truly emancipating for all of us and especially for the one who attempts to see a deconstructive world.

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