Sunday, June 3, 2018


The snake will die if its head is chopped off. So will evil if the feeders are abolished. Evil feeds on hatred and divisions in humankind that reside in labels that are constructed and ingrained in each of us upon our births.

Citizenry, religion, race, ethnicity, social class, sports following and what not are all divisional mechanisms that serves the purposes of the propagators and the elites. These propagators in puritanical robes or business suits or party uniforms are only individuals who self-prescribed truth serves only to reinforcement of their pursuits of profit and power in their societies.

Fear is the lack of belief in the power of the Creator that humankind is holding to the detriment of mankind. It is Fear that that  gives birth to and exacerbate these constructed divisions. If belief and faith are impregnable, no fear mongering of any sort can bring mankind to the acceptance of hate and violence upon another group of "us".

So, belief in the potential of goodness and the rejection of hate is the beginning of diminishing the evil powers that resides in the world today. Do not let the snake and its fear mongering into your existence.

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