Friday, March 2, 2018

Losing Weight Without Sweating

I was very reluctant to write about my weight loss in my blogs for the reason that it is a personal journey that I had taken despite many who are close to me suggesting it.  I do not want to come across as a egotist and narcissist. I do not find pleasure in  anyone's  approval or admiration. I believe I am a self-actualized individual and I embrace my journey and rarely rejoice my achievements.  I  also realized that I am not alone in this achievement.  There are many people who have found the way to lose weight without much clamor.

It was put to me that I should nonetheless write about my weight loss as it may be a benefaction to those who have yet to unearth a way out.  I concur as I had suffered the obscurity from the formulation of losing weight, often misled by the entrenched perspective of exercise and calories in calories out postulation.  

It was to me the cardinal truth. I lost 20 kilograms in the past through the gym-going culture for six months, from weighing 124kg to 104kg.  It was the only time in my life that I visited the gym. The only other time I had shredded my  weight before this was during my basic military training where I lost 10 kilograms through regimented daily activities. I was of the belief that weight loss was only achievable through exercise.

It seems impossible to me at 119kilogrammes that I could lose weight again.  It was not easy to bring myself to the regimented routine of exercising when you reached the belief that your good and fit days maybe over. 

The thing about putting on weight is your mind becomes more awkward than your body is. This is what I learned, the seed to weight loss lies in the mind of the person desiring it. In my humble experience, to have a healthy physic you must have a fit mind.  A mind that is lacking in focus and purpose will render the self negative. A negative self is incapable of believing in triumphs.

Life will present breaks for what our heart desires periodically. The trouble is we often failed to notice these breaks that comes our way. A negative self will make it even harder to discern these subtle chances.  It becomes arduous  when it presents itself in the aftermath of a misfortune. 

"Opportunity often comes disguised in the form misfortune or temporary defeat"  Napolean Hill

It was in the aftermath of losing someone that I noticed I had lost 3 kilograms.  I was not aware that my weight was going down until I dropped a size down.  I pondered on the circumstance that may have led to this weight loss. I did not exercise. I did not diet.  I did not eat.  It dawned upon me like a lightning bolt, that was the secret to losing weight for me.  I had not eaten the way I used to, at least not at the number of times I had eaten in a day.  

My mind swiftly went into survival mode and wanted to persist in losing weight.  There was a purpose and focus this time.  I probed for solutions only to discover that what I ate and how many times I ate in a day determine my weight loss.   In short, I unearthed ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting without even knowing it.

I would pause here and say that my weight loss though alike and comparable to many people, who had lost weight through ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting, is still uniquely mine.   Though we are the same, separately each person has his or her own physicality and ailments. It is imperative for one's to do his or her own research of weight loss and arrangement.

There were many a times in the past that gym instructors and fitness gurus had sown the faith that their exercise regime were efficacious methods to losing weight. I agree that exercise will result in some weight loss as I had experienced before. However, it is implausible for anyone above 110kg to be able to do the recommended regime  consistent for lean and fit individuals, and if so without hurting him or herself.   This is the dilemma facing many obese individuals. 

The way to weight loss, in my perspective was unlikely through these gym instructors and fitness gurus. It 's a costly investment.

The second thing I appreciated was that of scientific substance behind a weight loss method. It proved a facile commitment to adopt changes to my dietary habits once the science  was convincing. I do not muse on scant testimonies of people without any scientific backing. There are many old wives tales on weight loss on the internet while squandering time on them, they may also harm our health. I reviewed the weight loss literature of those health experts with medical credentials. 

It was while researching on weight loss that I happened upon Dr. Jason Fung, a Canadian nephrologist. and world-leading expert on intermittent fasting and low carbohydrate high fat diet. Dr Fung was an advocate of therapeutic fasting for weight loss and reversal of type 2 diabetes. I read and examined his prognosis in  his book Obesity Code, watched his videos on YouTube and saw in his work the science of weight loss elucidated.  I had found the forthright process to losing weight. 

I embraced a lifestyle change in my dietary habits. I became fat adapted and fasted 14 to 16 hours initially before progressing to 18 to 24 hours daily.  I banished sugar, rice, grains from my diet. As I witnessed my self transformed to a leaner me, I discerned an increase of willpower and determination.  I reduced my fat consumption thereafter since my body was used to lesser food. Finally, I did a 48 hours fast that proved my mind was winning the war against my body.  

I would add that before stumbling on intermittent fasting I had knew about low carbohydrate high fat diet through Jimmy Moore and Dr. Eric Westman's Keto Clarity.  It restricts  the consumption of customized carbohydrate to only 20 gram a day with protein in moderation  and an increase food based fats.

It is a year since I adopted a lifestyle change.  There was no exercise or weight loss supplements. I just ate more fats, more vegetables and protein.  I ate once or twice a day giving my body  16 to 24 hours of rest from eating.

I will end here.   

Foremost, the mind needs to be fit and focus.  A mind that is uncoordinated and distracted can never be focused on the work at hand. 

The temptations to give in and start again will be constant and the distraction of events or occasions that will deviate you away from your dietary  discipline will be enormous. It is best to bear in your mind that every cheat day or temporal respite will bring further away from your goal. You will not want to be in a situation where you are in a one step up and two step down cycle. 

It was only after I lost 30 kilograms that I gave myself some appeasement in my dietary habits. Today I am on 16 to 18 hours fast everyday and I have yet to eat rice or any grains and sugar is off my list altogether. 

There will be detractors from within your circle of people who will put you down because of their ignorance. Forgive them but carry on your battle and not theirs.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill

You must be convince that the method will bear results for you.  If there is no belief there will be no conviction, if any it will be frail.

You must be convinced that your method works and then commit yourself to the process relentlessly. My belief that the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting was the key to losing weight helped me achieved success. It is not enough to desire to lose weight, there must be a belief that you can do it.

Finally, exercise is also important to being healthy. It should be included in our daily lives.  It will be tragic that one loses weight but is unfit or unhealthy. I did not want to include exercise into my dietary regime as I wanted to prove losing weight does not require exercise but being healthy and fit do. 

Disclaimer: This write up is not to give advice about how to lose weight. It is a personal reflection. Do not start any diet without seeking professional medical advise.

Do not rely on what is written here as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or any professional healthcare practitioner. 

This is write is in no way advising anyone not to exercise.  Exercise is important to everyone.