Tuesday, January 22, 2019

I am Awareness

Strength do not reside in the physical body without a strong self or awareness. Mountains cannot be removed by physical strength rather the strong desire of humanity to seek a way of removing mountains or whatever obstacles that comes our way. It is in the strength of the desire that provides success or failure to the human endeavours of past, present and future. There is no fate of failure rather fraility of desiring that leads to the absence of that the human manifest in his mind. There is no divine intervention. What you desire and how much you desire  of  that which you desire will determine your reality. The obstructions of  self limiting beliefs and constructive restrictions that reside in “morality” may prove the roadblocks to the fruition of the desired reality. The ones that are not shackle by these considerations often make gold of whatever they touch. They ones that hold to these considerations are often found wanting and not receiving. If one desire some outcome so feverently than one will not rest until that which is desired is no more a manifestation but a reality. It is how the laws of the world works.  What awaits after this world and whether that which one has achieved in this world by all necessary means  will have repercussions in that which has yet to be realised is another proposition altogether.