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This is without doubt one of the most beautiful places to go to if you are in the Nederlands. This is the largest castle in the Nederlands.  I have put up a short video for viewing.  I am not aware if many tour packages includes a visit to the Castle.  I believe most tours with many European  attractions in a single tour may not include it as the Castle is located in near Utrecht some 34 km and  40 minutes away from Amsterdam if you driving. The Castle is steeped in history and anyone interested should discover it.

Don't miss the small town of Haarzullens of the Castle where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and walk around the vicinity whilst amazed at the red and white coat arms representation throughout the whole town.

If you up for spending the day at wandering around the vast estate, then this would be a perfect place for relaxing and photography.

I can only imagine the lifestyle that the Van Zuylen family had. The estate vast gardens and parks must have been accessible to them by horses.  The stables today have been converted to cafe. You better off walking, enjoying and admiring the estate.  I wondered how it must have been when the Castle was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1892 by the funds of the mistress of the castle, Baroness Hélène van Zuylen  (Hélène de Rothschild)  who was disinherited for marrying into the an Zuylen family of Catholics. She was the  first woman to compete in an international motor race completed in the 1898 Paris–Amsterdam–Paris Trail under the name Snail. This is historical information is like a story in a novel.