Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Take A Chance

Photo courtesy of user Hermann at pixabay.com

Someone wins a lottery every week and everywhere. That somebody was at the right time and right place when purchasing a lottery ticket, even choosing the correct combination of numbers or letting the computer generate the winning combination. That person’s contribution to the outcome was that he or she decided to buy a lottery ticket, decided to buy that particular ticket (different systems, different lotteries)  and that particular combination of numbers or if computer generated combination at that partucular outlet at that precise date, day and time. These lottery winners may not have anticipated that their decisions would factor perfectly as the real outcome of the draw. In short, it was a coincidence or a chance among the massive probabilities of numbers combined that could have been drawn as the winning ticket or tickets. The majority of us will see the winners as lucky and some as blessed. In reality, everything in life are just probabilities of an outcome being real among all other probabilities. Life is a game of chance. There are no miracles and luck is a matter of coincidence or coincidences. 

The point is one must take a chance in life for anything to realise. No matter how well one plans and acts on an outcome to be realised, there are always a certain chance or chances that the outcome may not materialise. One should not end up paralysis by inaction because of the fear that failure may consequent one’s plan and effort. The chance of winning a lottery of a combination of six numbers out of possible 49 numbers is smaller than a chance of getting hit by lightning. If the winners of that lottery system refuse to believe that they can win, they will not have taken such massive improbability and the probability of winning passes on to the next person who takes a chance at buying that probability, no matter how remote it promises to be. The point is, whatever dreams or plans you may have, can only materialise if you take a chance. Dont overthink or worry too much...just take the chance and believe in yourself, your ability, your plans and your efforts in realising an outcome or outcomes that you desire. Life is full of probabilities that are waiting to happen.