Thursday, January 4, 2018

Travel Book

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – attributed to Saint Augustine"

In my younger days, books provided me with the source of imagination. The literary world of characters and places from Chaucer, Shakespeare to Austen, Dickens, Blake and Elliot  excited my young mind to envisage a world away from my own. Indeed, a window to the world and that of the past.

People travel to escape their mundane life and see the world.  It is also to experience others way of life.  Like reading, it occupies our free time and give insights to a different world from ours. For instance, when we read a novel about royalty and aristocracy,  we start to imagine the characters and environment that is being told by the story teller. Likewise, when we see a castle,  we start to imagine how life is/was for them. It invites our mind to envisage their lives and attract our curiosity to discover (Google) more about that castle if it is novel to us.  It makes us a bit more knowledgeable and experience than one would normally be. 

It is often remarked that people travel the world to see the world. It is an excursion to know and learn of different cultures and lifestyle.  But what is more important , it brings us the realization that our reality is not the only truth that is existing. That different realities exist outside our own that can be better or worse. It provides a first hand experience and data that our  minds articulate into perspectives that we hold on to without intermediary influences. It revives our minds upon seeing and learning different realities and away from the normality of our very  own realities.  People often feel good on holidays not only because they do not need to work rather that their mind is "feeding" on,  if not newer, different information and routine that it habitually do. Holidays rejuvenates our minds and bring about excitement for us bar any adverse experiences.

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