Monday, November 19, 2018


Each stanza breathes the creative testament of the poet's longing to ink his or her emotive discourse, if one has not such longing ever than one has not lived in a solitude of sadness...
                   Feroz Bessir

This quote evolved through an exchange of commentary on Edgar Allan Poe's A Dream Within A Dream.

Poetry is today a leisure of the mind to create through instantaneous flow of words inspired by the inner thoughts or constructed by the poet's expertise and command of the form and mechanics of self expression. 

The deceptive simplicity that lies in Robert Frost's Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening is my personal favorite that underline the poet's craft in constricting seemingly obvious obscure by the last stanza usage of a possible metonymy in word "sleep" It is simple to read and enjoy but have enticed readers to plunge deeper into what Frost may have meant, from a person caught between the allure of nature and civilization which he has to return to, to the person caught up with the hypnotic contemplation of suicide as represented by the woods and to the unlikely proposition of person being Santa Claus stopping by the woods.

Milton's Paradise Lost, an epic expression of the poet's creative adaptation of the biblical tale of the fall of man is what great poets of past had adhered to, the production of works that were imprinted throughout history. Milton's reputation as the one that gave life to the devil in print testified to this. 

Shakespeare's Sonnets had earlier demonstrated possibly an autobiographical expression of the poet's self emotive tale of love and relations with two different subjects, a younger male nobility and a dark lady. The testament of a poet's emotional experience that remains a major and historical work throughout. 

Khalil Gibran ‘The Prophet’ has twenty-six different subjects discussed by Prophet Almustafa’s and group of people. It is testament of his poetic brilliance that despite being shunned by the Western commentators, he was to their youth an idol and has sold two millions copies of the Prophet. 

It is most unfortunate that poetry lies only in the hearts of those who render their sentiment  aesthetically, consciously or otherwise, evidenced a testament of being alive rather than acquiesce. In an uninspiring actuality manufactured by the strings of governance intent on replicating a populace myopic of consciousness and void of Raison d'ĂȘtre, that we find poets diminished and undistinguished, and poetry unprofitable. It is the invocation of the inner Self that give rise to the poetic words and expression that lies potent in everyone and brings the individual closer to their Self that yearns to find meaning and purpose of their being. The more they look inwards and invoke their Self, the closer they get to relishing their true consciousness and the further they are from the constructive labels and truths that have drowned them away from their Self.

The command of the form and mechanics of poems are mankind's obsession for restrictive and structured definition of reality, yet the inner Self transcends these concrete requirements to inspire poets to overcome and master them and give birth to creative and profound poems.

Poetry is an emotive discourse arise from within and constant indulgence transcends one towards one's natural potent to recognize one's inner Self that proceeds to the pursuit for comprehension and realization of one's being. Everyone should penned a poem at every experience that evolves a desire to channel out one's self emotive expression while edging one closer to the inner Self that is awaiting to be discovered and recognized.