Sunday, December 31, 2017


I begin this year with a post on my blog. I hope to be a consistent writer of my thoughts.  It is important to put our thoughts in record for the thought itself may lingers on for years but the emotion that resides with it may not be represented a later time. It does not matter where you keep your thoughts recorded, in a diary, in a book, in pieces of papers, in voice recorder in a blog, in vlog or anywhere else. The tone of your record will be indicative of your emotion at the time of your sharing for yourself or others.  This record will prove to be the past in your present and the future to look back at where your remembrance have forgotten. But how many of us do write? 

I think this year will markedly accentuate my return to the pen or the keyboard.  I have remembered that a thought left unrecorded will be unremembered in the chaotic mind that so often is given the pleasures of diversion with problems or joy that exceeds that given thought. I will not however say that i will be prolific with my recorded thoughts but I will record whatever my feelings dictate that my mind accepts worth to be recorded. Which brings me to 2018 and what will transpire and be worth recording remains to be seen or should I say to be lived.  

I will record thoughts that are relate-table generally and keep those much more complex over a cup of coffee with those who empathize my markedly mad mind. So it begins ....

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